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Watch We are Seeds, We are Community (2019) : Full Movie Online Free This documentary takes us on a journey to Chile where the cultural diversity is as big as the country itself, made up by a number of aboriginal and ethnical groups. Many of these people possess a unique knowledge about nature, tilling of the land and the symbiosis between all living organisms surrounding them. At the same time Chile is a country with rising financial, ecological and climate related issues, and capitalism cannot find a solution. Rather it’s making it worse.

Release Date:Sep 11, 2019
Casts:Joel Herencia, Francisca Rodríguez, Ivo Nativo, Francisca Pachanina, Ángel Lisboa, Francisco Vicuña Balaresque, Patricia Delgado Donado, Margarita Marina, Verónica Fuentes, Soledad Hernandez, Nathaly Diaz